Kærester - Poster


Plot Summery

Why do some people become lovers and others not? LOVERS is a personal anchored story of three different people’s experience with short-term relationships. The film investigates why some love relationship never develops, in a mix of documentary and fiction narrative.

The Project

This was a Super16 school project, but it was the first time they ever tried to make a feature film as a final project. The producer of this project contacted me about doing the sound for this project, but there was a catch. I only had 1 month to do it in!! We quickly got a sound team together and started planning. The film is divided into 3 parts. So we decided to make a team for each part. I would together with my colleague Peter Seeba do the sound for part 1 & part 2. Mia Joanna Koskela Michaelsen and Aslak Høstaker would be in charge of part 2. I would oversee the whole thing and put it all together in the end and mix it.

The Sound

We had to take a lot of hard decisions regarding the sound. Niels Holstein Kaa (the director) wanted a very gritty sounding film, with a documentary feel. That made it easy for me to be very rough on how we did the sound, many hard cuts in the atmosphere tracks and gritty sounding dialogue and so on. All the music in the film where music already made, and the producer Rikke Tambo Andersen did a fantastic job on getting all the rights to use it, even though it sometimes only was used as a very distant muffled party source.

Kærester - after mix

Needless to say the directer was pleased with the result. Here we are after  almost 48 hours of mixing.