Plot summery

In one single hot summer day an ancient Danish myth changes the life of three women. An art house thriller set in the dramatic landscape of an island of chalk about lost friendship and the need of spirituality to cope with grief.

The sound

When I first met up with director Kristian Sejrbo Lidegaard the first word he said about the sound was ‘asceticism’. The idea was to find that one sound in each scene that did the trick. Valdemar Blaakilde Fink did an amazing job doing the atmospheres. In the end, the ascetic perspective to the sound ment we ended up making the backgrounds very simple. Kristian wanted to have the film be very quiet, which was very challenging as the bag ground noise on the dialog track often was very high. As the film progressed we ended up making the film more and more widely mixed and more expressive in the sound.

The Team

Foley artist: Catrine le Dous

Sound effect editor: Valdemar Blaakilde Fink

Dialogue editor: Peter Seeba