SVANS Mixebio 4

What is it about?

The short film is about prejudice. How a teenager in highschool is afraid to tell his best friends a secret about him. He is afraid that if they find out then maybe they wont accept him anymore. So he hides it inside and lives a double life. 

The Sound

The film mainly takes place two places, the city (school) and the suburbs (the secret life). These two environments should somehow reflect the feelings of our main character. The secret life he lives is his true identity, so the atmosphere here are calm and light, with a tough of secrecy. The school however is where he has to hide his feelings, so now the atmosphere is loud and teasing with people laughing in the corners and yelling out names at each other. 

For this project I spent a lot of time recording highschools and the student environment. I went to parks where the kids would hang out after school and joke around with each other. I also recored suburb gardens, backyards and small secret pathways with loads of bird life and the occasional car or bicycle passing by.

The team

Jens Seidler, the composer, and I spent a long time trying to get the music and the sound design to melt together. I loved working closely with the composer and hope to have that opportunity again on the next project.

Jamie Louis Thurman did a great job on the foley with help from Valdemar Fink.