Plot Summery

The whale hunters of the Faroe Islands believe that hunting is vital to their way of life, but, when a local professor makes a grim discovery about the effects of marine pollution, environmental changes threaten their way of life forever.

The Project

In the summer of 2015 I went to the Faroe Islands to record atmospheres for a feature documentary called “The Island and the Whales”

The documentary is filmed and directed by London based filmmaker Mike Day.

The Sound

I recorded the sounds with an ambisonic microphone (SoundField ST450-mk2).

This kind of microphone records in every direction around it onto multiple channels. This allows you in postproduction to decide, which way you want to “look” and the software will spread all the information out to the speaker format you want it, be it stereo, surround sound or even in dolby atmos.

This documentary is the first documentary to be mixed in Dolby Atmos. 

It was mixed at the famous Skywalker Ranch